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Client Testimonials

I sought out Jennifer as a coach given her strong reputation as a coach, mentor, and marketing leader at Microsoft. Her depth of coaching experience, strong empathic listening skills, and ability to ask just the right question at precise points has helped me to identify areas for growth that have previously been difficult to uncover. Her coaching style helps to generate energy, build tangible action plans and ensure I am holding myself accountable for progress in the most important areas.

Marketing Director, Microsoft

I have known Jennifer as an organizational leader, a mentor, and a coach; through each she has been a source of inspiration and insight. She exudes leadership finesse, grace, and care for the people around her. And, as I have experienced and observed regularly, she lifts the people around her, helping others better understand their strengths, find their purpose, and work through challenges. She does this by creating a structured approach to growth, asking the most insightful questions as she guides you towards greater self-awareness and clarity, providing her input, and creating an action plan for learning. Through it all - she really *listens* and you know you are *seen* in the guidance you will receive from her. As someone who has benefited from the incredible coaching and mentorship I have received from Jennifer through various stages of my own career, I highly recommend her as a coach.

Principle PM Manager, Microsoft

Jennifer has been a coach to me for the past year and I highly recommend her to others. We met at a fairly tumultuous moment in my career and she has been excellent. While I was experienced with mentorship, Jennifer's coaching has helped me arrive at more profound insights and awareness about myself as a professional. She has a calm and inquisitive nature, helping others (including myself) work through options and see around corners, increasing your confidence while reinforcing valuable internal mechanisms for problem solving. I'm very grateful for the time we've had together - thank you!

Business Leader, Amazon

Jennifer has been a constant force helping me realize my own strength, motivation and qualities. She is not there to provide solutions, which she could easily do given her experience and own success, but pushes me to think through an issue, situation or idea that I have and by myself develop a course of action that suits my personality and skills. With her questions, she has helped me identify paths to take that I had not formalized before discussing with her. Most of all, she is one of the most positive and kind people I have worked with, which makes our sessions a really safe environment to explore myself.

Data Analytics Leader, Google

Jennifer has helped me gain a greater level of self-awareness and clarity than I’ve ever had before. I’m extremely grateful to work with a coach that can help me unlock my potential through her ability to ask precise questions, distill the most important information, and push me to pursue what matters most.

Marketing Manager, Microsoft

After each session with you, I have this feeling of peace. You are an incredible coach. Thank you for being my coach- I feel incredibly fortunate to have these sessions with you. You are the epitome of a calm, poised, and very wise Leader. I truly appreciate what I am learning with you and very grateful.

Director, R&D, Leading Biotechnology Company part of Danaher

Jennifer’s empathy and insight make her an incredible coach. She helped me override unproductive thinking patterns at work and find a way to a bolder, happier me. I only wish I had reached out to her earlier – I could have been living a more fulfilled work life all along.

Senior Director, Microsoft

Jennifer is a highly respected mentor, leader and coach. Jennifer understands the challenges of leadership and complexities of organizational change and growth; she's been navigating and solving those challenges for years. And while delivering strong results, she shows up in ways that cause others to feel upheld, empowered and cared for.

Former Marketing Manager, Microsoft and Executive Coach

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