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Jennifer Marcou Blue Hair

My Story

People are surprised when I tell them
I am an introvert.

White Snowflake

Quiet Beginnings
I have always been quiet and was even shy as a child. I was completely happy playing by myself - an advantage as an only child! I developed the ability to concentrate and listen for long periods of time. That ability to focus was an asset in college. But in the workplace, my quietness was a detriment. It seemed that the loudest voice was not only more heard but in many cases drowned out the other voices. I was one of those voices lost.
Early in my career, I was hesitant to speak up. When I did find the courage, my voice was not always heard in the din of everyone else. A leader once said about me, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride". He said I was a high performer but I was not getting promoted. Was I not good enough? Was I not outgoing enough? Was I not self-promoting enough? I thought if I put my head down and did great work I would be rewarded. But I realized it takes a lot more than that. People needed to see my work and see I was contributing beyond my role.
Finding my voice
With feedback from my leaders and coaching from a professional coach, I learned techniques to build my confidence and tools to help me be heard in ways that fit with my personal style. I got promoted - many times - and never once did I change who I was. I just changed some behaviors that enabled me to be successful in an extroverted world.
It is painful to think of those days when I felt ignored and not contributing my full potential when people did not listen to my ideas. But I realize how far I have come. And I realize that I have a passion to help others share their own voice - authentically.
Through many years of experimenting in bringing my true self to work, I became brave enough to add my favorite color blue to my hair. I ultimately had to present to the CEO of my corporation with my blue hair. I was nervous but knew this was my true self. I had a more junior manager tell me that if I could do this at my level of leadership then she felt safe to bring her authentic self to work. I realized from that point onward I had to keep bringing my authentic self to work to inspire others do the same.
My career and life
I have spent nearly 30 years in Fortune 500 companies in technology and financial services. I have always had a passion for developing people and helping them grow. Coaching was the natural progression to have that impact beyond members of my immediate team and those I mentored. I have worked at world-renowned companies, including Microsoft and American Express and know the pressure to deliver and continue to improve. I have created cultures in teams in which people thrive and have created followership across multiple groups and organizations.
I have an MBA from New York University and a BS in Biology from Georgetown University. I completed my coaching training through SeattleCoach and have my Professional Coach Credentials (PCC) from the International Coach Federation. I reside in the Seattle area with my introverted husband and have three introverted kids.
How I can help you
I have coached countless leaders and introverts in corporations to help them find their voice and achieve success. I have coached people in Engineering, Marketing, Operations and Finance, leveraging my years of experience managing all of these disciplines over the course of my career.
I am a passionate advocate for women and people of color in the workplace. I have led women's groups and been part of diversity allyship programs in corporations and leveraged my coaching skills to support their growth.
I am a learner and continue to grow my coaching skills through training and practice. I look forward to learning how I can help you and your team reach your leadership goals.

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