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Achieve Your Goals

Marcou Coaching offers a variety of coaching services to help you, your team and your organization perform at your highest level and increase your personal and professional satisfaction.

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One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Lead with quiet confidence

In one-on-one sessions, we can identify your personal values and strengths in support of your professional and personal goals. We can help you identify and reduce the power of your saboteurs, while growing your inner sage who can give you courage and help drive impactful change. Coaching can help you be accountable to the changes you want to make.


Leadership Coaching

Realize your team's potential

Through team leadership coaching, teams can improve the way they work together, communicate, and achieve goals. Identifying individual and team strengths can drive better awareness and improve relationships and productivity. Having open dialogues about what is holding them back and creating plans to improve can increase team satisfaction and how they work together.

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Coaching for

Drive cultural change

Coaching for Leaders is a leadership development program that drives organizational effectiveness and satisfaction by integrating coaching behaviors into the leadership skills you already have. Coaching for Leaders unlocks your organization's leaders' ability to stay connected, to empower their teams, and to create sustainable cultural change.

Questions You May Have                                       

What is coaching?

As defined by the International Coach Federation, the leading coaching association, "Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership."  I assume you are creative, resourceful and whole. So I, as your coach, will ask insightful questions to help you uncover solutions that will work for you vs. me telling you what to do. As Patty Burgin from SeattleCoach, where I was trained, states, “Being asked a great question and then being listened to well, lights up our brain in a way being told stuff never can." My coaching is tailored to your needs and what will best deliver value to you against your agenda. As I coach I will create an environment of trust and security, deeply listen, help you become aware of what is important to you and what challenges you are ready to face, co-create accountability for those changes and ultimately help you learn and grow to achieve your goals.

What are things that I can be coached on?

Skilled coaching can be used in all parts of your life from work performance to work and life happiness and more. I focus on helping emerging and professional leaders and their teams to find and use their voice, scale their leadership and find confidence and happiness at work. Topics covered are driven by the client but can include:

  • Leadership skills development

  • People leadership skills development

  • Team development and collaboration improvements

  • Communication and presence

  • Career planning and transition

  • Work life balance

  • Work satisfaction

I do this through a series of conversations where I understand the client's goals for change, ask deep questions to uncover barriers and identify options and create structure to help the person achieve their goals. The most powerful impact comes from the client coming up with their own answers from a series of probing, challenging and supportive questions I ask leveraging my years of executive leadership roles.

Who do you normally coach? From what industries?

I coach mid-level leaders who are looking to find and use their voice, scale their leadership and find happiness at work. I have coached leaders from Marketing, Engineering, PM, Finance, Operations. Most of my clients are from the Tech industry. I love to coach fellow introverts. Hear from some of my previous clients.

How does coaching work?

I offer 1:1 coaching via video/telephone calls or in person, when available. These sessions are 50 min long and are usually scheduled twice a month for 5-6 months to make for short-term impact and create long-term sustainable change.

Before we coach together, I will ask you to complete a more detailed questionnaire on your goals. In addition, prior to every subsequent session, you would complete a pre-session questionnaire.  Our discussion will be based on the answers to those questions and your focus for that day. It takes commitment and work on the part of the client to achieve meaningful change.

How do I know if team coaching or Coaching for Leaders is right for my team and organization?

Team or group coaching and Coaching for Leaders are programs for teams of individuals and leaders. To learn if either of these are right for you, schedule a complimentary session to discuss your team and organizational goals and how we can find the best solutions.  

Getting Started

Send me an email through my contact page and we can set up a complimentary 30-minute confidential conversation to discuss your goals and how coaching can help you. There is no obligation to continue further.

I can help you address what is holding you back from becoming your true, authentic self.

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