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About Marcou Coaching

Let your true, authentic leadership shine through

Are you a high performer but feel like something is holding you back? Do you feel like your contributions and hard work should be recognized without having to boast to others about your accomplishments? Do you know on the inside you are as solid and inspirational as a mountain but sometimes you don't feel that way on the outside? Or other people don't see you behind the clouds?  Do you feel like your voice is not being heard?

Imagine a world where you are your brave, true self. You are not afraid to voice your ideas and make your own choices. And people listen. Think of the impact you will make. Think of the happiness you will achieve by taking control of your career and life. Develop into the leader you want to be - need to be. You can be yourself AND be successful.

Marcou Coaching can help.

Are you ready to lead with quiet confidence?

Let's work together.

With the benefit of my coaching and close working relationship, my clients have:

  • Been promoted

  • Developed their leadership skills to deliver broader and deeper impact

  • Identified new and more satisfying career paths

  • Worked better with a team through more clarity, communication and collaboration

  • Gained confidence as a people leader or leader of leaders

  • Found their happiness at work

  • Reduced stress and found work-life balance

I can help you define your most important goals, explore ways to achieve them, and define an action plan that gets results.

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One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Lead with quiet confidence

through 1:1 coaching

Lead with Quiet Confidence   Program


Realize your strengths as an introverted leader through

small group training 

Coaching for Leaders

Create a coaching culture

Ready to get started? Let's work together.

We can start with a complimentary and confidential 30-minute conversation to explore options in coaching. No commitment required.

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"Quiet leadership is not an oxymoron."

Susan Cain

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